Desca Consortium Agreement Horizon 2020

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The Horizon 2020 program is one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives in the world. Managed by the European Commission, the program provides funding for groundbreaking research in areas such as health, energy, and climate change. As part of the program, researchers often form consortiums to collaborate on projects and share resources. To ensure that these collaborations run smoothly, a consortium agreement must be put in place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Desca Consortium Agreement Horizon 2020.

What is a consortium agreement?

A consortium agreement is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of a collaboration between two or more parties. In the context of Horizon 2020, a consortium agreement is required when researchers form a consortium to work on a project. The agreement sets out the roles and responsibilities of each member, the intellectual property rights, and the distribution of funding.

The Desca Consortium Agreement Horizon 2020

The Horizon 2020 program has specific requirements for consortium agreements, and the Desca Consortium Agreement is designed to meet these requirements. Desca stands for “Development of a Simplified Consortium Agreement”, and it aims to provide a standardized agreement that can be used by researchers across the EU.

The Desca Consortium Agreement is based on a model agreement developed by a team of legal experts. The goal of the agreement is to simplify the process of creating a consortium agreement, while still ensuring that all necessary terms are included. The agreement is divided into sections, each of which covers a specific aspect of the collaboration.

Key features of the Desca Consortium Agreement

There are several key features of the Desca Consortium Agreement that make it a popular choice for Horizon 2020 collaborations. These include:

– Flexibility: The agreement is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of collaborations, from small, two-party partnerships to large, multi-party consortiums.

– Standardization: The agreement provides a standard framework that can be used by all members of the consortium, which helps to avoid confusion and disagreements.

– Simplification: The agreement is designed to be easy to understand, even for non-lawyers. The use of plain language and straightforward clauses makes it easier for researchers to focus on the scientific aspects of their collaboration.

– Customization: Although the agreement is standardized, it can be customized to suit the needs of the specific collaboration. This allows each consortium to tailor the agreement to their unique situation.


The Desca Consortium Agreement Horizon 2020 is an important tool for researchers who are collaborating on Horizon 2020 projects. By providing a standardized, flexible, and simplified agreement, Desca makes it easier for researchers to work together and achieve their scientific goals. If you’re planning to form a consortium for a Horizon 2020 project, be sure to consider using the Desca Consortium Agreement.


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