Simple Deposit Agreement Template

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A Simple Deposit Agreement Template: What You Need to Know

A deposit agreement is a written contract between a depositor and a financial institution, outlining the terms and conditions of a deposit. This agreement is crucial in protecting both parties and ensuring that the deposit transaction is handled smoothly.

If you`re looking to create a simple deposit agreement, there are certain elements you need to include. In this article, we`ll discuss the key components of a deposit agreement and provide a template to help you get started.

Key Components of a Deposit Agreement

1. Deposit Amount: This section should clearly state the amount of money being deposited.

2. Account Type: Specify the type of account the deposit is being made to, such as savings or checking.

3. Interest Rate: If applicable, the interest rate should be clearly stated. This section should also indicate how interest will be calculated, accrued, and paid.

4. Deposit Term: Specify the length of time the deposit will be held, if applicable.

5. Withdrawal Restrictions: Indicate any restrictions on when and how the depositor can withdraw the funds. This may include minimum balance requirements or early withdrawal penalties.

6. FDIC Insurance: If the financial institution is FDIC-insured, this should be stated in the agreement.

7. Signature and Date: Both parties should sign and date the agreement to indicate their acceptance.

Sample Simple Deposit Agreement Template

Deposit Agreement Between [Depositor Name] and [Financial Institution Name]

Date: [Date]

Deposit Amount: [Amount]

Account Type: [Savings/Checking/CD/etc.]

Interest Rate: [Rate]

Deposit Term: [Term]

Withdrawal Restrictions: [Restrictions]

FDIC Insurance: [Insured/Not Insured]

Depositor Signature: [Signature]

Date: [Date]

Financial Institution Signature: [Signature]

Date: [Date]

Note: This is a simplified template, and additional terms and conditions may be necessary depending on the specifics of your deposit agreement.


A simple deposit agreement can protect both the depositor and the financial institution, so it`s important to have one in place. By including the key components outlined above in your agreement, you can ensure that both parties are on the same page and that the deposit transaction is handled smoothly.


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