Chicago Teachers Union Agreement

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On Monday, October 11th, the Chicago Teachers Union reached a tentative agreement with Chicago Public Schools to end a week-long strike. The agreement came after intense negotiations between the union and the school district, with both sides ultimately agreeing to a compromise that addresses many of the teachers` concerns.

The major points of the agreement include a 3% raise for teachers in the first year of the contract, followed by 2% raises in each of the next two years. The contract also includes provisions for increased staffing levels, reduced class sizes, and additional support for students with special needs.

One of the key issues leading up to the strike was the issue of class sizes. Teachers argued that overcrowded classrooms made it difficult to provide students with the individual attention they deserve. Under the new agreement, the district has agreed to enforce existing class-size limits and to work with the union to develop a plan to reduce class sizes across the district.

Another major point of contention was the issue of support for students with special needs. Teachers argued that understaffing in this area made it difficult to provide adequate support for these students. The new contract includes provisions for additional staffing and support for these students, with the goal of ensuring that every student has access to the resources they need to succeed.

Finally, the agreement also includes provisions for increased teacher input into school decision-making, with the establishment of a joint committee made up of teachers and administrators. This committee will work to develop policies and procedures that support student learning and teacher success.

Overall, the Chicago Teachers Union agreement represents a major victory for teachers and students in the district. By addressing key issues such as class sizes and support for students with special needs, the agreement sets the stage for improved outcomes for students across the district. As negotiations continue, it will be important to remain vigilant and ensure that the terms of the agreement are fully implemented and enforced.


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